Prophetic Encounter

Date: 17 to 20 april 2019 | Location: São Luís de Montes Belos (GO) | Entry to the event - Free (There will be no registration!)

About the Event

Annually, during the Easter holiday, the MCM holds the Prophetic Encounter - an event that has been gathering Christians from all over Brazil for more than 20 years, in order to awaken them to engage in missionary work and in the search for a revival for our nation.

It takes place in four days when about 10,000 people mobilize until Trindade-GO to raise an altar of worship and prophesy life and salvation to the nations of the Earth, calling for: "Maranatha, come, O Lord!"

The Meeting is also attended by several missionaries from Brazil and abroad who, through their ministry, always challenge and build the church up with the reports of the fieldwork.

In addition, the event promotes specific meetings for pastors, children, youth, adolescents and leaders in dance and music.