House of Bread

The House of Bread was born with the purpose of protecting minors from a malignant system, that wishes to change the truth and principles of God into a lie, through teachings (in textbooks) on: gender ideology, new family arrangements, polygamy, transsexualism , occultism (witchcraft), among other subjects.

How we act

The House will not work with full hosting. It will not be a shelter, day care centre or a place to pass the time. God's direction for this work is prevention and consolidation. The child or adolescent will be part-time with us, receiving:

- Tutoring classes
- Ministration of the Word of God
- Feeding
- Professional qualification
- Medical, dental and psychological assistance.

Target Audience

Children and adolescents referred by the tutelary council, church or school and children and adolescents who are at risk.

Where we are

We inaugurated the first MCM House of Bread in the village Café da Linha, 50km from Juazeiro do Norte - CE. We are already with 34 children/adolescents in the House, being 8 in the morning and 26 in the afternoon.

We offer: tutoring classes, biblical teachings, sports, ballet, cooking and crafts classes, two meals per period and several lectures. Everything is done by volunteers who are willing to serve the House.