Unity is the MCM sector that connects the pastor and the affiliated church to the other WM programs and to the unreached peoples. The sector also offers Seminars, Workshops and Congresses of Worship and Missions to the partners, in order to develop ministerial relationships of mutual help, so that no pastor walks alone.

Through intercession and a monthly contribution, the affiliated church participates directly in the righteous acts that the WM performs in the nations. Regarding the relationship with the churches, the WM understands that each ministry is free in three aspects:

In the Vision
In Government
In the identity

Vision - Is the conduct of a church or ministry. Some work more in evangelism, others in social works, some in teaching, others in the liberation ministry, some congregate more in the temple, others, besides the temple gather in the houses. Finally, we understand that each one must walk in the direction and qualification that has received from God.

Government - it’s how the church is run, how decisions are made, how the community presidency is exercised, and how finances are administered.

Identity - it’s the set of characteristics that identify and define each ministry and it’s also the awareness that it has of itself. It’s its genetics and its unmistakable brand.