Heirs of God

According to Unicef, 87 million children live among war. Growing up in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan or elsewhere in crisis, they need to deal with traumatic experiences that could affect their lives as adults.

In underdeveloped countries they are forced to abandon studies or games to help support the family. In areas of conflict, they are recruited to fight in the war, or work as informers, guards, and even smuggle weapons.

How we act

Heirs of God is the sector of the MCM that acts in the rescue and assistance to war orphans, victims of natural disasters, social inequality, belonging to segregated minorities or hostages of their own culture, through programs such as:

Changing the story: "Changing people's lives for the better, based on the state they live in" - this is the mission of this program developed in Mozambique, which works with: housing improvements, literacy of children, youth and adults, vocational courses, legalization of citizenship, nutrition and health of children and the Apple of God's Eyes House.

Childhood Smile: Works on classroom reform to improve the learning environment and keep alive the hope of children living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

Rehoboth School: It is a Christian school that serves about 300 children in Guinea-Bissau. In addition to regular content, the institution offers one meal per shift, school kits and a devotional time (praise and teaching the Word) before class.

Teaching Life: Distribute school kits and bibles in Hindi to dalit children (the untouchable caste) from India. It also seeks to bring hope to these children who suffer all kinds of humiliation because they are part of this cruel caste system.

Where we are

Afghanistan - Children's School

Guiné-Bissau - Children's School

India - Scholarship for dalits (the caste of the untouchables)

Mozambique - Scholarship

Kenya - Support for Turkana tribes and scholarship donation

South Sudan - Support for orphans and children at risk

Senegal - Host House