There are currently about 45 million widows in India. In Hindu culture, when the husband dies, the wife has no purpose in her life. Until the year 1827, the wife was cremated alive next to the body of the husband, in a ritual known as SATI.

Although it has been abolished, another type of SATI is happening today with the widows of India, as they are subjected to a life of poverty and exclusion, being persecuted and humiliated.

In addition, they are considered cursed and blamed for the death of the husband and for everything bad that may happen around where they live. Because of this, they lose their source of livelihood and are prevented from inheriting money or property.

How we act

The Widows Program works with the reception and professionalization of these women, through literacy courses and cutting and sewing courses. It also establishes a network of intercessors around the world who call to God intensely for widows.

The goal is to rescue dignity, restore self-esteem by teaching the Word of God and insert them back into society through a profession.

Where we are

North India - Cutting and Sewing courses and Literacy Courses; 1 Host House.